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Subjects what we are specialized in


  • Statistics I.
  • Statistics II.
  • Basics of Stat. and Probability
  • Business Statistics


  • Mathematics of Economy I.
  • Mathematics of Economy II.
  • Bases of Business Mathematics
  • Mathematics of Engineering
  • Technical Mathematics
  • University Maths Exam


  • Microeconomics (economics I.)
  • Macroeconomics (economics II.)
  • Basics of Corporate Economics


  • Basics of Finance
  • Bases of Foreign Economy Finances
  • Basics of Corporate Finance
  • Taxation


  • Basics of Accounting 
  • Analysis 1.
  • Analysis 2.
  • Analysis 3.


  • Bases of Economic Informatics
  • Bases of Informatics


  • Basics of Marketing
  • Marketingcommunication 
  • Digital marketing

Operations research

  • Operations research
  • Quantitative Methods of Preparing Decision Making


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Hi, I am Kristóf

I completed my BSc tudies in International Management, at the Faculty of Foreign Trade of The Budapest University of Economics. Afterwards, immediately continuing my master’s studies in International Economics and Management, I obtained my MSc degree.

During my years at the desk, I learned about the mazes of higher education, and I made the so-called “discarding” subjects easily digestible for my fellow students using my own method.

This inspired me to found KorrepKristof as a private education company that has been serving a wide range of students who are interested in economics and close to this discipline for more than 5 years now. With an efficient organization of education, the KorrepKristof team has already completed thousands of teaching classes successfully.

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